Sunday, April 29, 2012

Playing catch-up

 So I just realized that I've been incredibly lax on my blogging, so I thought I'd play a little catch-up. 
Finnegan's 15 weeks old and I think he's thinking about teething...uh oh. But we've been down this road before so hoping it'll be like Logan with his cut one tooth then the next day cut the opposite side pattern...but who knows?
Logan thinks that Finnegan is still "my baby"...or should I put that "MY baby!" lol, and has been a super big helper, giving baby his binky and hugs, kisses etc. Also Logan is going to turn three in just over 3 weeks! Wow! Time flies! So let's get's onto some kiddo cuteness and enjoy!

Logan holding his baby brother

 More holding, there's a lot of holding going on lately!

We had a good, but busy Easter. We didn't manage to get an egg hunt in, but hopefully next year we will.

Finnegan's Easter basket, notice Sophie la Giraffe!

Logan's Easter basket, he chose those flip-flops which perfectly match his shark water shoes!

Logan opening his basket, he's enthralled with those plastic eggs! Of course you fill anything with good chocolate & I am too!

Finnegan trying to figure out why we're holding him up by all this stuff lol!
 Finnegan also got his first solid food, no not rice cereal, not oatmeal. "Well what did he have?" you ask....a Reece's Peanut Butter Egg, Logan shared while I was making pictures of the ensuing chocolate & peanut butter mess because I was too busy trying to get it all out of his mouth seeing as how 12 week-olds shouldn't be eating those things...thus the clothing change in the next picture.

Finnegan & Sophie ready to go shopping!

We also dyed Easter eggs in these awesome no spill cups....well they spill a little but the more we've used them (yes, we've dyed eggs more than once so far, Logan LOVES it! We actually just dyed more eggs last night.) the better we've gotten on the water ratio to make them perfect.

"Quit talking and just give me some eggs to dye!"

Finnegan was there too, but he refrained from the egg dying this year, next year there will be no stopping him though,

Logan decided that all the eggs needed to go through ALL the dye baths and was constantly re-dying them.

The pretty completed Easter Eggs!

And of course the best eggs of all according to Jeff....

"Mmmmmm, Cadbury Creme Egg!"

The weather has been gorgeous lately and we've been enjoying it immensely.

"All I need now is a wee set of golf clubs & I'm ready to hit the links!"

Logan decided that Finnegan needed to wear the Yoda ears from his Halloween costume last year.

"Why do you let him put things on me?"
"Ok, well maybe these aren't so bad. But I don't get why you & Daddy are talking funny & laughing...."
 Logan still has his obsession with Gwen....poor little dog, but he just loves her so much!
"Dog-Dog in wagon!"
"What do you do when the dog-dog is too heavy to pull? You put her in the wagon & take her for a ride...obviously!"
Oh, and Logan wasn't super surprised about his bunny, he picked it out.
 After we moved to the new bigger temporary hospital earlier this month they gave out some baby saplings to be planted for Earth Day, so while we were putting ours in some potting soil in a planter (have to prep the planting site still) Jeff found a toad in the potting soil bag, Logan thought that was just awesome and got hold & pet the "frog" (as he called it) before we let him go back into the wild of our yard. Of course now every time we go outside all we hear is "wanna pet frog, wanna pet frog!" So we're thinking about getting him a tortoise for Christmas, we want to do a LOT of research before we make that commitment some of them live over 50 years.....

"Wanna pet frog!"

And just a little more cuteness to finish this post out....

"My baby brud-dah" as he calls Finnegan
I'll post more after Logan's birthday party. Have a great day!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Introducing Finnegan!

"Hey people, my little brother is here! Why am I not back in there with Mom & Dad?"

"It's bright out here, where am I?"

"Giving my little brother kisses, I'll just keep holding him, thank you very much!"

Daddy holding Finnegan.

"Look Mom! My baby! Do you see him? I want to hold him now!"

"I don't care if you are taking my picture I'm more interested in holding my little brother."

Finnegan Alexander born January 12th. 7 pounds 8.4 ounces, 20inches long. Totally rocking the faux hawk.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


I was going through old pictures of Logan reminiscing and thinking about what Finnegan will look like when he's born and the changes in Logan are just amazing. In just a little over 2 short years he's grown oh so much and he's constantly learning about the world around him.

Here he was just after he was born in Jeff's arms. 
   (I just asked him who was in the picture and he said "Me, Da Da!" )

Here he was in postpartum in one our early morning gab fests.

And look at him now! He's a busy active toddler, constantly learning and seeking information.

And he loves books!

The big question is how will he feel about having a baby in the house 24/7? He's very interested in babies when we are out  & about so I guess there's nothing to do but wait and see. Although he does like patting my belly and blowing raspberries on it and then uproariously laughing after he does it. Hopefully that will bode well. I guess we'll find out in January. I'll try to update more between now and then lol.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Logan.... going to be a big brother in January! We're very excited, Logan is excited although I don't know if he really knows what all being a big brother entails lol. Jeff's youngest brother and his wife had their baby yesterday, we're going out to see them later this week, we'll post pictures then, Logan is very excited and every time he sees pictures of little Kolby he yells "baby!", so maybe he kind of gets it.
Jeff got a motorcycle yesterday.
More updates to come later!

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a quick update

This is just a quick update to let everyone know that we are all ok. We didn't have any damage from the tornado Sunday, at least not at home. The hospital it hit in Joplin is the one I work at so not entirely certain what all will be happening there. Just trying to help out as much as possible.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Blizzards of fun!

My what difference a month makes! We had a blizzard in the beginning of February, the snow was so deep Gwen wasn't able to make it into the yard. After a few days we dug the car out and got around. Logan pretty much thought we were loons for letting him touch that cold white stuff lol! 

"Look at all of this snow!"

"I don't know about this stuff....why did you order it again?"

"I think I'll stand right here."

Love his hat!

"Hmmmn. It's cold, white...I wonder how it tastes."

Mountain Division, how appropriate lol.

So pensive

"I'm cold. Are we done out here yet?"
"Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"

Most of the snow had melted off by the following week. Then not even a month later our temps were in the 70's so we went and played at the park, well two parks actually on Thursday, there were a lot of kids out. Logan wasn't too sure of what to think about that. But we had fun.

"I'm looking for the ducks..."

"Still looking..."

"Ah! I see them!"

The apples of his eye lol.

And a Canadian Goose that's been in the park lately.

"Play with those screaming kids? No thanks, I'll just play in this mulch instead."

Look at those toes! (Yes he wore shoes to the park lol.)

"OK, it's time to go, put my shoes on please."

"I said 'Get me out' not swing me!"

"Is this a squirrel? How can you ride a squirrel? I thought they were small...."

Look! He left his shoes on for a little while!